♪canción llevame lejos
donde nadie se acuerde de mi
quiero ser el murmullo
de alguna ciudad que no sepa quien soy♬

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so yesterday kenzie and i made this rpg class test and kenzie got ‘warrior priest’ and i couldn’t stop thinking about it ;7; so i did this in class 

macko-mori i totally think your character would have full knowledge of this kind of information ♥♥♥♥ and would be able to invoke angels and demons and since you’re also a warrior you would totally be able to mix spirits with your weapons ajshd ♥♥♥♥ i’ll try to polish the design with all of the details ´u`

outfit of the day: bee punk

Im gonna win a buck for doing a 9th grade boy his homework. I used to do everyone’s homeworks for a dollar when i was at that age and it was awesome. *deep sigh*

i’m  gonna draw eyeshield 21 stuff asap. damn i have so many ships there UGH

I drew some of my fave girls ♥♥♥

gonna draw more when i have the time! (tomorrow start some heavy assignments)

Anonymous said: DAD MARRIED


littlelotus27 said: Umm...How do you feel about Gailee?


half furry mormor for jenna ♥ slimeybee the ideas i get because of you! 


send me a ship and I can only reply with 

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hey, there’s a moriarty/moran porn coming soon for jenna * slimeybee * (WARNING: it’s half furry)