jajajaja un au! donde 31 minutos sea un programa de noticias de la moda (realmente solo quería dibujar trajes con hombreras extravagantes) 

still scared as shit about that game :)))))))))))))))))))))

soft mustard yellow, briliant blue, some nice warm pink and the occasionaly green sparkle

that’s totally me!! 

a game that REALLY fucked me up when I was like in 2nd grade was this 

I had the snes emulator in my pc and in my exploration of the various games it had included was this, and when I played it, there was this part were you went into a library or something AND A DEAD GUY OR SOMETHING FELL FROM THE CEILING AND IT WAS LIKE A FUCKING SCREAMER! I closed the emulator in that exact instant and got out of the room the pc was and went to the living room. THAT’S SOME SHIT I’LL NEVER FORGET! I remember I played it like 3 times to see if I could not fear it, but I failed and never played it again.

Gonna play that rn to see if I’m still scared hahaha. *sweats*

have you ever played ‘guilty gear xx’? because I have that game on my pc and it really makes me want to design characters for fighting games 8’DD 

I'm so glad you watched the book of life, it's a great movie and as I Mexican I appreciated how they mixed different concepts of our traditions into one and the colors and character design were beautiful. The movie overall was great. So glad you watched it and loved it :)

I was kinda skeptical at first, but then EVERYTHING was just great!!! the way they treated all the themes and traditions! all the little details! I fell in love! I’m salvadorean and two artist from here participated in the movie, I’m really happy and it inspires me a lot!  can’t wait to draw some fanart! ♥♥

THE BOOK OF LIFE YES. everything about the movie was fantastic and i would have watched it if it were four hours long to expand the plot more holy crap. also, Manolo/Maria/Joaquin /needs/ to happen. maybe with more emphasis on the Manolo/Joaquin.

YESYESYESYES!!!! I really hope I get to watch it again this week!! *v* manolo/maria/joaquin = ot3 and yeAH! manolo/joaquin is gonna happen *v* totally. *shipping all the possible ships*

i’ll post all the versions i find i like of this because i can